Saint Germain today

Many presidents succeeded Georges Durand: Alexandre Bertrand, Jean Varangot, Louis Pierrard, Henry-Alexandre Bertrand (Sandy), Claude grapotte, Elie-Charles Steeg, Robert Duffo, Philippe Delaune and today Dominique Paul.

They all work to keep the spirit of Saint Germain, based on sport, family and friendship. Sport: the club encourages the training of its teams by developing the Golf School and hosting regional competitions. Family: the club welcomes young members and caters for their needs. Friendhsip: the members are happy to meet and play on a superb course on which it is easy to play at all time.

Meetings with foreign clubs are organised regularly and  make for great moments of conviviality.

Like in the past, tennis and golf are associated. Tennis courts were built in the 80s and the old courts have become a playing area for families.

Bridge has developed and golf-bridge tournaments are regularly organised.