The course and facilities

Since its creation the course has been consistently upgraded with new machinery and technology making significant improvements. In 1922, the grass was cut using a horse drawn mower.  In 1983, a watering system was installed.  In 1999 there was large-scale storm damage covering the course with fallen trees and branches, but now little trace of this event remains.

Over the last few decades a garage and repair room have been built. A caddie lodge has been constructed, close to the entrance of the club, to provide members with easy access to their bags; the size of membership has increased and, with a number of children joining, a crèche and golf school have been created.

In 2002 there was one practice ground.  Today there is also a short game practice area, designed by J.M. Rossi, including two greens and four bunkers for putting and chipping.  The result is a significant improvement in team performances and individual scores.