Saint Germain Golf Course designed by Harry Colt

In December 1920, Georges Durand was made president of Saint Germain Golf & Tennis Society and, with Louis Touvet, brought in Harry Colt to oversee the design and construction of the course.

Colt’s ambition was to create a course of differing holes in the middle of the forest. He created an artificial landscape with mounds for bunkers and a few elevated greens.

He favoured strategy over punishment and made sure that it was a test for a good player while giving encouragement to less talented players.

In 1921, the clubhouse at Marly was dismantled , transported to Saint Germain, and reconstructed, at huge cost because the members did not want to leave it behind.  This process was supervised by Georges Durand who lived in a house on the 1st hole which, today, is the childrens’ playground and the club manager’s apartment.